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Counseling & Soul Care

Hand Up Ministries is designed to address the holistic development and care of women and young ladies. 

As a part of our offerings, we provide certified professional counseling for addiction recovery and support groups. Including:


  • (Faith-based, Clinical, Addiction)

  •   Recovery Support
    (AA, NA, Small Groups) referrals

  • Grief

  • Cancer Care

We also offer services to assist in spiritual growth, counseling and support:

  •   Bible Study

  •  Prayer

  • We also provide individual, confidential Pastoral counseling

  • Religious Trauma counseling 

  • SAP, SUD Level of Care Assessments


We offer programs and services that equip women and young ladies with the tools and knowledge to face everyday life. Some of these services include:


  •  Skills Development:  Social & Life Skills

  •  GED Preparation

  •  ESL (English as a Second Language)

  •  Mentoring

  •  Empowerment: Financial, Purpose, Women

  •  Prevention Education:  Avoidance, Relapse Prevention,


At the heart of Hand-Up Ministries is women's advocacy. We have a range of services that speak to the needs of women of all walks of life, regardless of any demographics. Those services include but are not limited to:

  • International Women's Transitional Services

  • For women of Sub-saharan/African countries

  •  "Community Connect" for women transitioning to Cleveland, OH

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Plan counseling)

  • Abstinence and Birth Control - "Waiting is Ok"

  • Post Abortion Counseling

  •  Skills Development: Social & Life Skills

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