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You Can Make a Difference

Welcome to Hand Up Ministries.

We invite women of all races, nations and colors in the Cleveland, OH area to utilize our professional counseling, mentoring and spirtual care. We welcome women from Sub-Saharan / African nations to utilize our transition assistance services as well.


Hand Up Ministries is a non-profit, evangelical outreach program which functions as a Faith-Based Initiative. Our mission is to provide addiction, recovery support, life skills development as well as mentorship for all women in transition...


To encourage, comfort, educate individuals in the will of God. While providing badly needed community services in our communities is the focal point of our ministry, we do not compromise our evangelical foundation in the process.

The Heart Of an Armor Bearer 

The Heart of an Armor Bearer is a memoir/training manual that will give you concise guidelines and important narratives which will enable you to serve your  Leader in a Spirit of Excellence.


You will learn exactly what is expected in an Armor Bearer.


The Heart of an Armor Bearer is written by an Armor Bearer whose heart was transformed by God to serve His anointed, appointed, and chosen, with a Spirit of Excellence.

Your life will never be the same.

A wise person once said in life's journey always take three things with, forgiveness, and second chances. Take enough for yourself and enough to give others on their journey.


At Hand Up, we understand in life there will be struggles in living life on life's terms, and successes. Our focus is to not allow the struggles and failures of this life define you. The failure was an event, an unfortunate happening, just a chapter in your life. Please do not allow it to define or label you.


We will help and encourage you on your journey to get back up, get going, and become your best authentic self. We have Life Skills programs to repair self-esteem and build self-respect. 

Hand Up Ministries Association has added new services; SAP assessments, SUD Level of Care Assessments, and Individual, Confidential  Pastoral Counseling for all, please contact for appointments, rates, etc.

At Hand Up Association we believe in empathy, compassion, encouragement, and forgiveness.  Hand Up Ministries Association was created by God, to assist you to "keep it moving" on your journey.


Therefore, Hand Up Ministries Association does not judge, discriminate, or criticize you, your issue of concern, but give unconditional hope, belief and understanding that with God all things are possible.


Yours Servant Leader,

Rona Huckabee

Program Director, PhD, LCDC II, SAP 

Notary Public 

About Director


To donate material items, volunteer or for general inquiries, please ue the form to the right. A Hand Up contact will be in at their earliest convenience.

HandUp Ministries support causes that benefit the health, and well being of all women 

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