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Dr. Rona Huckabee, Hand Up Ministries Program Director...

Hand Up Ministry for Women ProgramDirector
Program Director of hand Up Ministries Rona Huckabee

A wise person once said in life's journey always take three things with, forgiveness, and second chances. Take enough for yourself and enough to give others on their journey.

At Hand Up, we understand in life there will be struggles in living life on life's terms, and successes. Our focus is to not allow the struggles and failures of this life define you. The failure was an event, an unfortunate happening, just a chapter in your life. Please do not allow it to define or label you.


We will help and encourage you on your journey to get back up, get going, and become your best authentic self. We have Life Skills programs to repair self-esteem and build self-respect. 

Hand Up Ministries Association has added new services: SAP assessments, SUD Level of Care Assessments, and Individual, Confidential Pastoral Counseling for all, please contact for appointments, rates, etc.

At Hand Up Association we believe in empathy, compassion, encouragement, and forgiveness.  Hand Up Ministries Association was created by God, to assist you to "keep it moving" on your journey.


Therefore, Hand Up Ministries Association does not judge, discriminate, or criticize you, your issue of concern, but give unconditional hope, belief and understanding that with God all things are possible.


Yours Servant Leader,

Rona Huckabee

Program Director, PhD, LCDC II, SAP 

Notary Public 

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Speaker & Workshop Presenter

Dr. Rona Huckabee, our Hand Up Ministries Program Director, is available for speaking engagements on the subjects of

Mental Health, All Addictions and

Women’s Empowerment.

 Dr. Huckabee’s presentations provide insights and strategies for growth, so her audience can take the next steps toward success and healing.

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